​Our company studies and makes basis ready-to-use and ice cream ready-to-eat  for ice cream parlours, restaurants, catering companies and hotels.  
The products created are completely natural and of the highest quality.

Italian ice cream basis

​Skuby Italian Food Quality is proud to present the new GelatoSI Professional line, a complete line of ice-cream bases, consisting of 15 ready-made bases to which only the flavouring part (milk, cream, fruit, etc.) needs to be added to obtain an excellent Italian artisan ice-cream.

Our GelatoSI Professional line is completely natural, no additives, colourings, thickeners, emulsifiers or flavourings are used. 

In addition, our bases contain superfoods to further enhance the nourishing properties of the ice cream.

With our bases, anyone, even without experience, can immediately prepare an excellent Italian artisan gelato and open a successful gelato parlour.

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Ice cream ready-to-eat

​In our laboratory we make high-quality finished ice cream for restaurants, bars, hotels, companies and ice cream parlours.
The ice cream we make is completely natural, we only use high-quality milk and fresh cream, selected fruit, and in hazelnut, pistachio and almond ice cream we only use dried fruit of Italian origin.

We make countless flavours, and we can make both classic and vegan ice cream. 

We also offer gourmet savoury ice cream, ideal for demanding chefs who want to combine their creations with savoury ice cream such as Parmesan ice cream, gorgonzola ice cream, salmon ice cream, chive ice cream, etc.

Finally, we also offer alcoholic ice cream, ideal for making ice cream-based aperitifs. In fact, among the alcoholic flavours we propose Campari orange ice cream, Gin Tonic, Mojito, Spritz, wine, beer and much more.

The ice cream is sold in 3.5 kg tubs.