The Piadina Romagnola

​We present the real piadina romagnola as grandma used to make it.

​Our piadina is produced directly in Romagna, the land that gave birth to this spectacular delicacy.

The ingredients,  are carefully selected and all derive from the territory, the wheat is grown in Romagna and the relative flour is produced directly in Romagna, in the version where lard is used, the lard also comes from pigs bred in Romagna.

All this makes it possible to have a short and homogeneous supply chain and to make an extraordinarily fragrant piadina with a unique and unmistakable taste.

​Try them au naturel instead of bread or stuffed as you like, and you won't be able to do without them.

​Piadinas are produced in both thin and tall versions and with type 0 and type 1 flours.

The classic piadina includes lard in the dough, but for those who want a vegan product, a version with extra virgin olive oil is also produced.

​Our good and quick to prepare piadina is ideal for companies operating in the Horeca sector such as bars, restaurants, hotels and catering companies.

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