​Skuby Italian Food Quality
is proud to present:

The Crizza

​The Crizza is a product born from the union of excellent raw materials, ancient techniques and modern technology, a product that has no rivals, with the great taste of ancient bread and very high digestibility.

The handcrafted and carefully rolled out product can be filled according to a variety of tastes.

The so digestible, fragrant and crunchy Crizza represents a true revolution in the world of bakery, capable of satisfying the needs of consumers and professionals alike.

​Crizza is a spark of flavour that will appeal to young and old alike.
Crunchiness, lightness, digestibility and fragrance make the Crizza a unique product.

​The Crizza is good for all purposes:

​As an alternative to Pizza or Pinsa, stuff it however you like and see what a success it is.
Good, light, digestible and crispy, a real explosion of flavours.

​As a focaccia for your aperitifs, add some EVO oil (the good kind I recommend) and a little salt and you will see what a super focaccia you will eat. All your guests and/or customers will love it.

​Preparing it is very simple:

​Preheat the oven to 250º C., bake the stuffed Crizza to your liking and after 5/6 minutes it is ready to enjoy

​Crizza's ease of processing and its high quality make it ideal for hotels, catering companies, restaurants, pizzerias and bars.

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